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The Southern Co-operative is an independent regional consumer co-operative society, that only trades in southern England. We would like you to become a member of our Society which is one of the leading regional Co-operative businesses in the country and is entirely owned and managed locally.

Membership brings people together for a common purpose

Owned by the members
As well as being an important customer of The Southern Co-operative, being a member means you will be an owner of a multi million pound business that is at the heart of the communities in which it trades.

The Co-operative Membership Card
Sharing the Profits
Members are entitled to a share of the profits. Every member is offered an exclusive Co-operative Membership card to make this possible. As a member, you will qualify for a share of the profits each year based upon how much you have spent with us. There is also the option to donate your share of the profits to a community charity selected by members.

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